Sentimental gift idea for a first time mom or dad

I am very lucky as an artist because apart from creating my family tree paintings I also get to work on a variety of other fun projects.  I’m never bored!  My creativity is always in full gear: I get to paint anything from large murals to adorable little projects.  Regardless whether a project I’m working on is big or small, seeing how happy it makes my clients is what makes my work rewarding.

I have recently worked on a little project that was more than rewarding.  It started out as a straightforward family portrait painted from a photo and got transformed into something very different and unique.  By the time the artwork was finished I realized that a family portrait doesn’t really need to have people in it.  The people themselves, their familial connection, and their love for each other could be represented in other creative ways.

I was contacted by a young woman looking to commission a painting for her husband for Father’s Day.  He was a first time father and originally my client wanted for me to paint a portrait of her husband with their son.  My client looked through her photos to find a good picture of the two and stumbled upon a photo that made her change her mind as to what kind of a painting she wanted.   The photo she found had her husband’s keds next to their little son’s tiny shoes.  As soon as I saw the photo I knew that making it into a painting was the right direction to go.

Watercolor painting from photo

I did the painting in watercolor which gave it a very personal feel.  I chose the color palette that was very close to the original photo, but adjusted it slightly to give the painting a bit of a vintage (nostalgic) look.  I loved the way the painting came out.  I still can’t get over how creative my client’s idea for her husband’s Father’s Day gift was.  Why give the father of your child a gift that is a mere copy of a photo when you can give him a work of art as a gift he’ll treasure forever?

Custom painting from photo

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