American Gothic custom painted to reflect couple’s heritage

Fun humorous gift is the best gift to give someone to put a smile on his or her face not only at the moment they receive it, but for years to come.  When a friend of mine was turning 30 I wanted to come up with a creative gift to commemorate this big mile stone in his life.  I’ve decided to paint a humorous picture of him and his wife.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the famous Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic”, so I thought it would be fun to use this masterpiece as the basis for my friend’s special gift.  However, I didn’t just want to simply insert the couple’s faces into the painting.  I wanted to make it more personal.  Since both my friend and his wife are Polish I came up with a fun idea of creating a “Polish-American Gothic” painting with details to reflect their polish heritage.

…and what says Polish more than pirogi, and a pickle? I placed those on a pitch fork that the man in the original painting was holding.  For my friend’s wife I replaced the brooch in the painting with the white eagle from the Polish flag painted against the red background.  Both my friend and his wife absolutely loved their gift!

Faces of a couple inserted into "American Gothic" painting

This is what my friend’s wife wrote for my Linkedin profile:

“Natasha possesses the creativity and passion of a true artist. While that may sound cliche, because she obviously is an artist, as a friend, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a lot of her art work and it really possesses the ability to strike an audience with its charm every single time.

The very distinctive quality to Natasha’s imagination is visible in all of her art pieces. It can be intricate, bold if you want it to be, playful if that’s what you wish. Because she takes so much time to learn her clients, the ultimate result is truly custom to ones liking.

My husband and I were lucky enough to receive a painting from Natasha, which she gifted my husband on his birthday. In the painting, my husband and I are humorously depicted as The American Gothic. On the pitchfork is a pickle and a pierogi, because we’re both Polish. We found this incredibly humorous, charming and just so creative!

The painting makes us and our home guests smile every time! It also makes us realize just how important and necessary custom art is in every home.

Natasha, your painting will make us smile for years and generations to come. Thank you doesn’t begin to express our gratitude. ”