Family tree art that tells your family story

Ideas for picking a tree to use in the painting:

A personalized family tree painting is more than just a family portrait.  It’s a piece of art meant to reflects your family’s unique character.  Every detail in the painting adds more ‘flavor’ and the more personal the details are to your family the better the finished painting looks.  Since the tree itself is the focal point in the picture I advice my clients to pick the type of a tree that actually means something to their family.

While, by no means the tree has to be anything specific it is a detail that could make the painting feel more personal.  Let’s say, you’re ordering a family tree painting for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  Try to think if there was ever a tree that held some special meaning to them.  It could be a tree they carved their initials into when they first met, a tree in their front yard or just the type of a tree that is common to their neighborhood (state, country, etc).

In the family tree painting example below an olive tree was used in the artwork to represent Israel where the family is originally from.

Custom family tree painted for a couple's 40th wedding anniversary.

Custom family tree painted for a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.

A birch tree serves as a family tree for a painting commissioned by the daughters for their mother’s 75th birthday.  This particular type of a tree was chosen to represent Russia, the woman’s native country, since birch trees are very popular in Russia.

Spectacular gift for mom's 75th birthday. A custom family tree painted from the family photos. The tree celebrates mother's Russian heritage and Russian roots in a very unique way. Commissioned by the children and painted by a family tree artist: Natasha Sazonova

Family tree painting as a gift for mother’s birthday. Includes her daughters, their spouses and her grandchildren.

A katmon tree (native to the Philippines) was chosen as a family tree for the painting given as a 50th birthday gift for a woman with Filipino roots.  Katmon trees have beautiful blooms and I have decided to place one right in the center of the painting and use it’s petals to write the family members’ names on.

Family tree painting as a creative 50th birthday gift for a boss

Family tree painting commissioned by a group of coworkers for their boss’ 50th birthday

A maple tree became a perfect fit for a Canadian couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Custom family tree painting for parents' 50th marriage anniversary

Custom family tree painting with a personality. The painting reflect the couple’s hobbies and represents their children and grandchildren as names on the tree leaves.

An oak tree was painted as a family tree for an Alabama couple’s 50th wedding anniversary to represent their love for Auburn University college sports because there is a long-standing tradition among the Auburn fans to toilet paper oak trees on campus after their team wins.

Custom family tree painted for a family of college sports fans.

Personalized family tree art custom painted for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. The gift was commissioned for the parents by their children.

A Laurel oak (a tree common to Florida) was chosen a family tree for the parents who are Florida residents.  The family tree painting was given to them as a memorable gift on their 60th wedding anniversary.

Custom family tree watercolor portrait painting in the style of a family tree

Creative and thoughtful 60th wedding anniversary gift for a Florida couple commissioned by their children.

For an Australian couple celebrating their 50th marriage anniversary I picked a eucalyptus tree native to Australia.

Custom family tree art painted as a creative gift for parents' wedding anniversary

Family tree painting commissioned for parents’ 50th wedding anniversary by their kids. The painting depicts their family members as well as reflects the couple’s hobbies.

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