Unique 40yr Marriage Anniversary gift for mom and dad

Did you know that 40 year anniversary is ruby?  I didn’t until I recently painted a custom family tree for a client whose parents were about to celebrate 40 years of marriage.  My client requested that I put her mom in a ruby colored dress in the painting and that’s how I found out.  It always amazes me how many new factoids I learn with each family tree that I paint.  I’ve learned from the same project about the Canadian equivalent of the Kentucky Derby, a race called Queens Plate.  I thought it was cute that the Queens Plate’s trophy has a beaver on top.  One would expect a horse, right?  But no…  It’s a beaver!  Speaking of horses…  I’ve never painted a horse up until this project.  Nor have a painted a blue jay meant to represent my client’s brother’s love for the Toronto Blue jays.  I just love all the little details like that.  I love ‘weaving’ all the details my clients tell me into their family tree painting to create a unique and very personal piece of art.

Creative 40th wedding anniversary gift idea for parents

Family Tree Art: Turning your family’s story into fun details to create a unique painting

I love how different each painting I create is.  For this particular family tree I chose to replace a ribbon banner that I usually add to the bottom of my family tree paintings with a piece of a movie reel.  My client told me how much her family enjoys watching movies and that’s where the idea came from.  Another fun detail I loved working on in this family tree was a wheelbarrow I painted next to her mom. My client told me that her mother loves gardening and that she was originally from Mexico, so I decided to combine these two facts to paint a wheelbarrow filled with roses similar in colors to the Mexican flag. I also added a green, white and red ribbon around it.  Per my client’s request I painted a road sign with the names of the places that hold special meaning to her family next to the dad.  I was also pleased that my client chose to add her grandparents’ names to the tree roots.  Writing one’s ancestors’ names on tree roots as opposed to leaves is a relatively new option I offer to my clients and I really love the way it makes the paintings look.

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