Creative Anniversary gift that symbolizes the couple’s 50 years of marriage

50 years of marriage is a huge milestone for a couple.  Picking the right gift to commemorate such a special occasion is not an easy task, especially if the couple is your parents.  I recently had the privilege of creating a special gift for a couple celebrating their 50 years together, and what was even more flattering to me as an artist is that my clients who live across the world chose my custom family tree art as their parents’ anniversary gift.  It was an interesting project because of the time difference with the Philippines.  I always work closely with my clients on details for the painting and in this case I had to wait sometimes for hours or even overnight to get my questions answered.  Despite the inconvenience my clients and I were able to work together to create a work of art that told their parents’ family story in a lot of fun detail.  What was also interesting about my clients’ family is that all the children just like their father were in the medical field, something that they chose to include in the painting.  I wrote everyone’s profession under their names on tree leaves.  It was my first time adding family members’ professions to a family tree and I thought it was a great way to add a bit of a family history to a work of art that the family’s descendants will end up learning about their roots from.

Family tree art as a unique gift for parents' anniversary

As I always do with my family tree art I used in the painting a tree native to the place the couple is from.  I also used other native plants for the foreground and the background. I tried limiting the color palette to give the painting a classy elegant look.  I dressed the couple themselves in shades of blue, the color of stability, loyalty and trust.  I added a banner in red with the family’s last name and the parents’ wedding date written in gold to the bottom of the painting.

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