Custom family tree – the best 70th birthday gift idea for Mom

Do you have mom’s 70th birthday coming up and struggling to come up with a creative birthday gift idea to show your love and appreciation for her?  No problem!  Give her the best 70th birthday gift to commemorate her milestone birthday – a custom painted family tree art with portraits of everyone in her family.  Each personalized family tree painting is a creative reflection of your family as a whole as well as everyone in the family individually.  Each family member is painted from his or her photos (likeness guaranteed* or your money back) and is portrayed according to what he or she enjoys in life, be it a profession or a hobby.

*Your mother is also guaranteed to be impressed with your thoughtfulness!

70th birthday gift idea for mom - her own custom painted family tree art

Family Tree Art is about fun details that make each painting unique!

It’s always great for an artist to have creative freedom to bring her or his vision to life and it’s been my greatest pleasure to work with clients who allow me to bring forth my own creative vision in custom paintings I do for them.  It’s flattering when someone places so much trust in your abilities and it’s even more flattering when your client herself is an artist.  I recently completed a painting for such a client.  It was an absolute delight to share my ideas with her and for her to allow me to paint her mother’s family tree as I pictured it in my mind.  My client’s mom is a creative woman herself who’s been doing pottery for decades (I made sure to include one of her pieces into the painting) and my client wanted to get her a gift that reflected her mother’s love for art and appreciation for unique custom made gifts.  I was especially pleased when I found out that my client wanted me to use a maple tree with red leaves in the painting.  It allowed for a nice contrast between the leaves and the blue sky in the background and also made me decide to go with a gold leafing pen to write the family’s names on leaves instead of the black ink I usually use on green leaves.

Since I’ve completed my work I’ve heard back from my client and she let me know that the family tree I painted for her mom’s birthday was a huge hit.  She also let me know that her mother, who could be hard to find a gift for, absolutely loved the painting, and said it will be nice to have her family all together with her.  As an artist, I cannot possibly ask for a bigger compliment!  Mission accomplished!  🙂

If you would like to order a custom family tree art for your family please visit the Shop section to pick a painting option that is right for you.