Custom family tree art – a family portrait that tells your parents’ story.

Every family is unique.  Every family has a fascinating history and numerous stories, memories, and inside jokes to go with it.  The majority of us loves to reminisce, and in most cases we become even more sentimental with age.  For most people looking at photos of their children and grandchildren is a great source of happiness and joy.  It’s especially true for parents whose children live far away from them, sometimes on the other side of the world.

I recently created a family tree painting for a couple from Germany.  It was commissioned by their daughter who lives in the United States. Since the parents’ favorite place in the world is their summer cottage I chose it as the setting for the painting.  My client supplied me with the photos of the cottage and the surrounding garden, so I was able to use an actual walnut tree growing in their yard as their family tree and used their garden for the background landscape.  Another fun detail I incorporated into the painting was a koi pond that the couple has at their summer cottage.  I painted the koi fish coming out of the water holding a banner with the parents’ names and the date of their wedding.

I always try to paint every family tree like an illustration that tells a story and this tree was no different.  It tells a story of a close-knit family who loves spending time together at a quaint summer cottage their parents have turned into a magical welcoming place.  Speaking of knitting…  One of my favorite elements in the painting was my client’s mother knitting, while I painted my client’s twin baby boys wearing hats that she have knitted for them in real life.

Family tree painting for a German couple

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