Choosing 65th birthday gift for mother

65th birthday is a big milestone in a woman’s life.  If you’re a child of a mom about to turn 65 choosing a birthday gift for her is no small matter.  Of course, you would want to get her a gift that holds some special meaning for her, a thoughtful gift that she will be impressed by and enjoy for years to come.  My own mom is about to turn 65 this year and if your mom is anything like mine she would tell you that her greatest joy in life is her family.  Why not give her a gift that’s all about her family?  A custom family tree art is a unique present that will be a constant reminder of her greatest accomplishment – her family.

65th birthday gift for mom - a custom family tree that tells your family story

Family tree art – a family portrait with fun details

I recently got a request for a custom family tree art from a lady looking for a special gift for her mom’s 65th birthday.  She saw my art online and thought a custom painting of her family would be a gift that her mom would really like.  One of the funnest aspects of my job is learning about my client’s family.  In this case I found out that her mom was a former nurse who loved traveling and the beach.  Her dad was a big baseball fan who enjoyed gardening.  To reflect my client’s mom’s hobbies I painted a few suitcases by her side and placed a seashell at her feet for her love for the beach.  Her dad I portrayed with a catcher’s mitten and a baseball.  I placed a few gardening tools and a watering can to represent his gardening hobby.  The rest of the family got depicted with their favorite things: a book, a truck, a paintbrush, a ‘sold’ sign for a sister who is a realtor just to name a few.  I also included family pets to make this family picture complete.