Family tree painting: a unique and meaningful gift for your parents’ 50th anniversary

‘Meaningful’ is the key word when it comes to choosing a gift for your parents’ Golden anniversary.  50 years together is no small accomplishment that needs to be acknowledged with a gift that is both personal and unique.  While the market is saturated with a great variety of ‘personalized’ gifts that you could add your parents’ names to, in reality something that is mass produced and slapped with someone’s name could hardly be considered a truly personal gift.  A custom family tree painting created especially for your parents, on the other hand, is a uniquely personal gift like no other.  What could be a better representation of all the love and all the hard work they have put into building a family together than their own family tree with all their children and grandchildren represented in the painting?

While traditional family trees are usually comprised of the names on leaves to illustrate each family member, a custom family tree painting depicts each person in a family as either a full body portrait, a name on a leaf or a name on one of the tree roots depending on the client’s preference.  It’s so much more than a chart with names and DOBs.  It’s a creative family portrait that could be passed on from generation to generation as a treasured family heirloom.

Unusual family portrait where every detail adds to your family story

A family tree painting is a fun highly detailed representation of your family’s hobbies, tastes, and favorite past times.  Each family member is portrayed in a way that shows his or her personality and individuality.  The artist works with her client to make sure that each person’s unique character is spotlighted in a creative way.  For example, if an individual is a huge football fan and is hardly ever seen without his cellphone he might be depicted wearing his favorite team’s jersey and holding his phone. If another family member is into yoga and astrology the artist might paint her seated in a lotus pose with stars hanging of a tree branch near her head.

The painting’s background is also fully customizable and usually reflects a town/city the family is from, their favorite vacation destination or a place that holds some special meaning to the family as a whole or the couple celebrating their anniversary.  If a family spends their summers on a shore – a seascape could serve as the background for their family tree or if a family likes to ski – the mountains could be used for the background.  Alternatively, if a family’s favorite past time is spending quality time together barbecuing at home – a  photo of their backyard could be depicted in the background of the painting.

An array of fun little details is what makes a custom family tree painting more personal, such as the couple’s initials painted carved into the tree or a banner with their names and their wedding or wedding anniversary date added at the bottom of the painting, and/or a ribbon wrapped around the tree with the congratulatory message for parents from their kids and grand-kids.

Working closely with each client and learning about their family is the key to creating a beautiful family tree painting that is sure to become a meaningful piece of art your parents’ will treasure forever.

If you would like to order a custom family tree and need more information about getting started on the process please refer to the Ordering family tree