Custom family tree art – a gift to impress parents or in-laws

When it comes to finding a great gift, the older our parents, our in-laws, (as well as the majority of people in general) get – the harder they are to shop for.  After a certain age they most likely already have all they want or need.  Alternatively, over the years people often become very particular when it comes to things they actually like or would like to have, which makes getting a gift for them into somewhat of a challenge.

So what do you do if you’re on a mission to get your parents or your in-laws a gift you would like them to love, be it for Christmas, their anniversary, birthday or some other special occasion?  You give them a family tree painting custom painted just for them.  A personalized family tree art is a gift that is both thoughtful and sentimental.  It’s a hand-painted custom portrait done in the style of a family tree that is all about your parents (or your in-laws) and their memories as a couple.

My custom family tree paintings come in a variety of different options to fit every budget.  I work with my clients to ensure that my art doesn’t just portray the couple’s likeness visually, but also represents their personalities.  Numerous details are added to represent your parents’ or in-laws’ hobbies, professions and/or favorite places and past times.

In the family tree example below the couple are avid hikers and love hiking in the Colorado mountains which serve as a background for the painting.  Since the husband also loves photography, and the wife loves tennis, a camera and a tennis racket were also added to the painting.  A picture of the couple on their wedding day was painted above them on the tree.  Their children and grandchildren were represented as names and dates of birth on the aspen tree leaves.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom family tree as a creative gift for your parents or in-laws please contact the artist.

Surprise 50th anniversary gift idea for parents

Couple looking at their 50th wedding anniversary gift for the first time.

Personalized family tree art

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