Family tree: a truly personal gift for parents’ anniversary

If you’re looking for a personal gift to give you parents for their 50 yr anniversary it doesn’t get any more personal than a family tree painting custom painted just for them.  It’s a gift that is all about them, their life together, their hobbies and their personalities.  Custom family trees come with a variety of options.  Some feature portraits of the whole family, while others have the portraits of the couple celebrating their Golden anniversary with everyone else in their family represented only as names on leaves.  Affordable on every budget, a custom family tree art is a unique gift your parents will always treasure.

One of the most popular family tree options is a “Couple Then and Now” portrait.  It depicts your parents seated at the base of their family tree portrayed as they look like in the present day with another portrait of them looking as they did on their wedding day hanging on the tree above them.  Your parents’ wedding date is written on the ribbon just below.  An optional banner could be added at the bottom of the painting with a congratulatory message from the children and grandchildren, the parents’ names or whatever else you would like to be written on it.  The background is fully customizable and could either represent your parents favorite place to vacation, their backyard, the skyline of the city they live in or just a spot that holds some special meaning to them.  To depict your parents hobbies, professions, etc. objects that represent them are also placed in the painting.

Example of a custom family tree painting as a thoughtful 50th Anniversary gift for parents

50 yr anniversary gift for parents from kids - a custom family tree art that tells their story

The painting above is an example of a “Couple Then and Now” family tree portrait.  It’s a small (yet very cute) family tree that depicts my client’s parents enjoying their favorite hobbies: cards and candy crush for the mother and fishing for the father.  My client’s dad’s motorcycle is also included in the painting’s background.  One of the funnest aspects of the painting for me as an artist was ‘tying’ the whole painting together by incorporating floral elements from my client’s mother’s blouse into the painting.  I used the flowers from the pattern on her blouse in the foreground and I used the leaves for the family tree leaves I wrote the couple’s and their children’s names on.

To order your own custom family tree please refer to the Ordering Family Tree Steps page.