Custom-painted Family Tree Art example gallery

“Creative custom painted family trees that tell your family story in fun detail”

A custom family tree art is an original, humorous family portrait painted from photos.  The painting is fully customizable to be the best possible reflection of who you are as a family.  Please come up with as many fun little details about your family as possible, because every little component, from the background to the type of a tree used in the painting will add to your unique family story.  Personal details enhance the artwork’s narrative, and ensure that each family tree painting is as unique as every family.  Below you will find some custom family tree examples that my clients were kind enough to let me share with the world.

Family Tree Painting options:

There is no single formula for a family tree painting that works for everyone.  The painting’s composition, colors, etc. are adjusted depending on the client’s needs.  For example, if a family tree is meant to be given as a gift for wife on your marriage anniversary you could go with a painting that depicts the two of you as full body portraits, while the rest of your family is represented as names on leaves.  Alternatively, each one of your family members could be depicted as a portrait with each one of their names written on a leaf next to each person.

If you’re having trouble envisioning the best painting for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the artist for advice about the potential formats for your family tree picture. That being said, please keep in mind that by no means your family tree painting needs to follow any type of a format. It doesn’t even have to be a tree if you would rather prefer your family portrayed seated at a Thanksgiving table (Norman Rockwell style) or have their heads peak out from windows of a house or even a yellow school bus.

Please feel free to get as creative as your imagination takes you.  The artist, on her part, will do her very best to bring your vision into reality to create a one of a kind special family portrait painting just for you.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process, etc. please refer to the FAQ page or use a Contact Form.  You could also click the ‘envelope icon’ in the top left-hand corner to email Natasha directly.