One creative gift for your whole family or family friends

With Christmas 2017 fast approaching you have probably started contemplating all the Christmas gifts you need to get for your own family, your relatives and friends.  Why not think of families as a collective that you can get just one perfect gift for, instead of getting them a number of not to impressive gifts?

A custom family tree painting is a gift you can present to a whole family while making each family member feel special.  It’s a fun family portrait that represents each person in a way that doesn’t simply depicts their likeness but also reflects their personality.

In the family tree art example below the emphasis was placed on every family member’s hobbies and things that are important to him or her at this time in their lives.  A custom painting like this is like a creative ‘snapshot’ of a family as a whole as well as a fun way to preserve memories of a particular moment in time for generations to come.

Every little details is in the painting carries some significance to the family.  An apple tree that was used as the family tree was chosen because there are apple trees in the family’s backyard.  A Tuscan landscape in the background represents the family’s favorite vacation destination, as well as the place where the parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

In the painting the couple, their children and grandchildren were painted from photos as full body portraits.  Each family member’s name got written on a leaf next to him or her, while the couple’s parents and siblings were represented as names on the tree roots giving the painting a very unique and interesting look.

A family tree painting is so much more personal than a bland family tree art found elsewhere on the internet.  The majority of the so-called ‘personalized’ family tree gifts have only personalized thing going for them – family members’ names, while a custom family tree painting is an actual family portrait created from scratch just for your family.

If you would like to order a family tree painting of your own please contact Natasha for details.

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