What is the best anniversary gift for a wife?

The best wedding anniversary gift for her is a gift that shows how much you love her, value her, and care about everything that she’s done for you over the years.  An anniversary gift should reflect how special she is and the family that you have build together are to you.  Your gift can’t look like something that you got for her the last minute.  It needs to reflect how much thought you have put into finding a truly unique gift for her. One such gift is a custom family tree painting.  A personalized family tree art is a visual summary of what the two of you have achieved over the years.  It’s a reflection of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Your custom family tree can include a variety of personal details, such as your heritage, places where you are from, your hobbies, your pets, etc.  Dates, such as your wedding date or the date you have proposed on could also be included.  If you’re wife is a romantic and enjoys reminiscing about the day you proposed, the place where you proposed could be used for the painting’s background.  Similarly, you could you the place you’ve honeymooned at as the background.

Your wife and you are the focal point of the family tree painting.  The two of you could be painted either at the base of the tree or seated on the tree in the middle with your children (and grandchildren if you have them) seated on the branches around you.   Your and your wife’s siblings and parents could also be included as full body portraits or as names on the tree leaves or roots.  Your professions and hobbies could be represented as objects connected with them, such as an apple for a teacher or a stethoscope for a doctor or a nurse.

You as a couple could be painted as you look like now or as you were on your wedding day.  Alternatively, you two could be depicted as you are now and a little framed painting of the two of you on your wedding day could be painted hanging on the tree.

If you have any questions please contact the artist for more information.

Custom family tree painted for a couple's 40th wedding anniversary.

Custom family tree painted for a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.

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