Client testimonials

“To see the final piece left me completely speechless. Natasha was able to bring to life so many memories of my grandad for his 90th birthday, and of my Nana who has passed away. Such an original idea, and something so special that can be treasured for years to come. Natasha is able to pull together such fine details. I really cannot recommend her highly enough, and am go grateful to her for being able to create this masterpiece! Thank you so much!” Emma, England

“Natasha was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was so communicative at every step. Even though we only talked over email, I could tell that she was incredibly passionate about her work. My mother absolutely LOVED her family tree – the fact that Natasha was really a partner with me in creating this made it all the more special. I would commission her again in a heartbeat. This is one talented artist!!” Mala, USA

“The picture I took of this family tree does not even give it justice! It was the most amazing and truly perfect gift for our mom’s 70th Birthday! Working with Natasha felt like working with an old friend! She was beyond amazing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and I was beyond happy with how this came out! It brought tears to all our eyes and I love seeing it hanging in my parent’s house every time we are there! Thank you Natasha for your amazing and hard work!” Jessica, USA

“Natasha did such an amazing job! I can’t imagine how hard it is to capture the essence of subjects when working from photos, but Natasha’s rendering of my parents for their 50th anniversary was completely on point. She took all the bio information I sent her and incorporated it into an amazing piece that referenced all the important aspects of my parents past and present. Natasha was wonderfully responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. We are all thrilled with the final product, it is something our family will treasure forever! Thank you, Natasha, for creating an extraordinary gift for my parents, and for being so fabulous to work with!” Lauren, USA

“Amazing doesn’t even do Natasha justice. She is so talented. We ordered a photo for our parents 50th anniversary as we wanted something unique. Natasha communicated every step of the way, showed me photos, let me look at proofs prior to sending out the poster, and sent the poster with tracking. It arrived in time for the celebration and my parents were elated! Thank you Natasha for the one of a kind gift that has now become the focal point in their house!” Alethea, USA

“Natasha has given us a gift that is so very special and will be family heirloom for generations. She was able to perfectly depict my family members including our personalities with such a genuine feel. She was able to capture history in such an artful way. She is incredibly easy to work with and so communicative every step of the way. I got this for my mom’s birthday and said it was the best gift she’s ever received. Natasha is so creative and I feel so lucky to have a piece of her artwork that not only captures family history, but also a moment in time.” Kristin, USA

“I thought something like this would be quite difficult and long to achieve but from start to shipping it only took a couple of weeks. Natasha was so responsive, I did not expect responses as fast and frequently as I received them. We were also somewhat disorganized on our end and she just rolled with it and put it together beautifully. She could answer all our questions and was so patient through the process and the end result was just beautiful.” Kadidia, USA

“I purchased a painting for a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my in-laws and couldn’t be happier. Natasha is fantastic to work with, has great communication, and is an amazingly gifted artist. My in-laws were amazed at how she was able to make the painting look so similar to how they look in person. Natasha cares and connects with her customers to create the perfect painting and will do what it takes to make sure her customers are happy. This truly is an authentic and beautiful gift to give to loved ones in your life.” Laura, USA

“Natasha painted a family tree watercolor painting for my mom’s 60th birthday. Natasha is very creative and talented. She is easy to work with and I really appreciate her attention to detail along with her timely responses to my questions. Her work is unique and has many personal touches that is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face for years to come. Thank you Natasha!” Cheri, USA

“Natasha does absolutely outstanding work — highly creative, talented, and unique in her approach with this artwork. From start to finish, Natasha was highly involved, creating a custom keepsake for my parent’s 50th anniversary that will certainly be treasured and a talking piece. Natasha provided excellent framing on the piece as well — something to keep in mind for your work. Hire her for this artwork — I can’t be more impressed, and would recommend her without reservation.” Brett, USA

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Natasha – a superb artist and so easy to work with; responsive to my questions and concerns, quick replies, and sweet as can be. She created the most wonderful 60th anniversary portrait for my parents – truly something that will be treasure by our family for generations to come.” Julie, USA

“Natasha did a great job researching our family so she can produce a beautiful portrait with all of our interests represented on the family tree. Her artwork is beautiful. The portrait of our family tree was amazing and a great 50th anniversary gift for my parents that they will cherish for a long time. I highly recommend Natasha’s artwork!” Wendy, USA

After seeing one of Natasha’s “family tree” paintings, I decided that I would love to have Natasha do a portrait of my own extended family also – but in a different format. I envisioned the family gathered together in a happy outdoor dinner setting. We talked about this option, and Natasha liked the idea – and made suggestions that improved immensely on my own thoughts. I gave her photos of family members, and pretty much told her to go ahead and make the project her own. Having had the opportunity of seeing a number of Natasha’s paintings over the years, I was fully confident in her as an artist, and I liked the way she could capture the essence of people in a way that was informal, yet painterly . My husband and I were very pleased when Natasha presented us with the painting. She had indeed captured that magical moment, with the whole family enjoying each other’s company in a delightful setting under the stars. It hangs proudly in our dining room, and continues to receive positive comments from our guests – as well as continued appreciation from our family. Truly, I consider it one of the best investments I have ever made.” Lana, USA

Natasha was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process of ordering a Family Tree Painting! The final masterpiece has been the talk of our family and friends for almost a year now. Natasha really puts in so many personal details and makes the painting a treasure that lasts a lifetime! Thank you for making my parent’s 50th anniversary a memory I’ll cherish forever.” Jason, USA

We commissioned a family tree for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in December, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the results!! Natasha was warm, responsive and so quick. With less than 2 weeks to get the painting finished – she not only got it done but it was flawless. The whole process was very easy from start to finish, and the reaction was priceless. I highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for a gorgeous, heartfelt and totally customized gift to celebrate family.” Sarah, USA

I LOVE my painting!!!! It is colorful, vivid and looks so much like myself and my rescued animals. I’ve seen other paintings Natasha has done and they are amazing too! Highly recommend this artist for a unique, custom portrait. Not only are her portraits beautiful but she is also a beautiful kind hearted person.” Jessica, USA

Natasha created such a special gift for our parents on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. The family tree she made is just perfect – from the oldest member of the family to the little babies – the faces all have a real resemblance to our family members. She really took the time to create a unique background which relates to places which are special to our family, and to add small touches which made all the difference. My parents were absolutely amazed and delighted at the gift. It was really very special indeed to them. Thank you Natasha!!!!” Hanna, Israel

Natasha was a professional delight to work with. Her quick responses to my emails were extraordinary! She is very detailed. I don’t know how she kept track of all of my questions, but she did! The painting is amazing and I am so excited to surprise my in-laws with this 50th anniversary surprise! Thank you, Natasha! You were so amazing to work with!” Jilane, USA

We came across Natasha when we were exploring gift ideas on Etsy for our parents 40th wedding anniversary. We absolutely loved what we saw and decided to go ahead and commission a family tree artwork! Despite that fact that we were working with a short timeframe, Natasha was able to create a beautiful piece that was both representative of our family members’ appearance as well as personality. Her attention to detail is incredible and she is very thoughtful about to make the artwork “come to life” – based on what we shared with her about our family, she had so many great ideas on details we could include. My parents were thrilled with the finished piece, and everyone who attended their celebration was also in awe. My 3 siblings and I were very happy with the result (& the fact that we reached a consensus is a testament itself!)” Christina, Canada

I was struggling to come up with a memorable 50th anniversary present for my parents. When I came across the family tree website and saw some of Natasha’s work, I knew I had found my answer. The painting I received exceeded my expectations. Natasha took the time to include all of the special details that I asked for in order to make my painting unique. The likeness of my parents was extraordinary. Natasha’s talent will be admired for years to come in our family. I cannot thank her enough!” Jodie, USA

The painting Natasha did of our family leaves me speechless.  Her talent as an artist, her ability to “know” people from general photos, and her responsiveness – – – I’m at a lack of words to describe – – – so I suppose speechless is the best. Natasha created a gift that will be a part of our family forever.  To call her “talented” is simply an understatement. I am so grateful for her professionalism, her creativity and her willingness to share her gift.” Erin, USA

We came across Natasha’s work when looking for an anniversary gift my parents would remember. The painting we received was absolutely stunning and an instant hit with everyone that has seen it! The detail and care that went into it made this a truly special gift. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or a family member, I would highly recommend a painting from Natasha! She was a pleasure to work with!” David, USA

Natasha created a unique and personal work of art for my parents 50th anniversary. They love it. Natasha was easy to work with; I sent her photo’s and a brief description of each person and their hobbies, how we are all related, etc.. Even the family pets were worked in to the painting. Natasha created a beautiful piece of art that makes my parents smile every time they walk by it. It is difficult to find a personal gift that will be treasured. This fit the bill perfectly!” Mikki, USA

“This was by far the greatest purchase I made this year. She was such a great artist to work with. I went in with pretty high hopes, and she far exceeded. SO great and would recommend a million times over.” Josh, USA

“Seeing the final version brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell. Natasha perfectly illustrated each person in my family in every way. Thank you Natasha for making this special gift for my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary. This will be treasured for many years to come! I would give you 10 stars if I could!” Shay, USA

We commissioned a family picture for my parent’s anniversary. The picture contained images of our current family and also images of grandparents who passed on many years ago. Natasha was able to use photographs to integrate everyone into a single family tree painting–brilliant! Everyone loves this unique, quirky, completely personal picture. Furthermore, working with Natasha was a pleasure. She worked hard to meet our short deadline and was communicative, responsive, attentive to what we wanted, detail oriented, and obviously very talented. I recommend Natasha without reservation.” Joanie, USA

Natasha’s work is indeed fantastic. Her ability to paint portraits with such exquisite detail is remarkable. I’ve seen nothing like it before. Not only is her art worthy of wonderful review, but the way in which she communicates with her clients is five stars. Natasha painted a family tree for me and was in constant contact on a daily basis whether it was to reach out to me with questions and/or ideas, or to respond to my inquiries. She is easy to work with and doesn’t quit until you get exactly what you hoped you’d get. The family tree she painted for me is a perfect picture of my dysfunctional family. She didn’t miss a single detail. And though I was at first skeptical of the price, after seeing the result, the price was greatly understood. So if asked would I recommend Natasha for her amazing ability to create such personal and detailed art that captivates the inner soul of our emotions …..Absolutely! She will give you a one of a kind masterpiece! Go ahead, get your credit card. It’s well worth every penny. You’ll see……” Darlene, USA

Natasha did an amazing job for us. My sisters and I decided to get a family tree for our parents anniversary. Needless to say–my siblings and I have very different tastes/opinions. Natasha not only was able to ask the right questions, negotiate through what we all wanted to see (and make it happen)–she also was working with some older and very limited photos of our grandparents. We also had an extremely tight timeline. With all of those challenges…she made some great recommendations on how to add our own family flavor into the tree–and she delivered an amazing water color tree on time. My parents are thrilled with and is now framed and being shown off in a prime location in their home. Thanks for working through everything with me Natasha and doing such great work…my parents were so very happy…” Lewis, USA

My brother and I were looking for something a little different for our parents 50th wedding anniversary. Searching online I found Natasha’s website on family tree portraits. I thought it looked like a great idea but being in Australia I was a little hesitant. But i didn’t need to be! After numerous emails and photos being sent our portrait arrived safely and with plenty of time to spare. It is such a likeness to our family we love it and can’t wait for our parents anniversary! I would recommend Natasha’s family tree portraits to all!” Carey, USA

“Natasha’s painting and work ethic were outstanding! She managed to capture the expressions of my parents from their past wedding photo and their current photos today. One would think that she knew them well. She was incredible to work with and kept in touch with different ideas and tweaks throughout the entire process. I’m so glad to have found her! This was an exclusive gift to give our parents on their 60th anniversary. They were thrilled with their gift! They also received a framed letter from the DE Senator as a gift. This painting, in my opinion, trumped all of their gifts received. It was shipped and received within 2 days in mint condition. Thank you so very much, Natasha, for this precious gift and for being so kind and patient throughout the entire process. You truly are a professional.” Donna, USA

“I worked with Natasha on a portrait of my sister and her family. I couldn’t be more happy with both my experience and the result. Not only is her painting STUNNING, but she was so easy to talk to and bounce ideas back and forth with. Thank you Natasha, thank you so much!! I WILL be using her services again in the future :)” Caroline, USA

“Couldn’t of asked for a better gift for my nan and grandads 60th anniversary. Thanks to Natasha for being so professional and accomodating. Incredibly helpful and managed to ship to the UK so I was able to have the gift in time! Highly recommend if you are looking for that perfect special gift! Thanks again!” Leila, England

“There can be a lot of uncertainty when ordering anything custom made. However, I could not have been happier working with Natasha or with how my family tree turned out. Natasha was so engaged, thoughtful, responsive and not to mention talented, that the image turned out better than I hoped for. Moreover, she was so sensitive when it came to time frames and budget that it made working with her an amazing bonus to the whole process!!” Melanie, Canada

“This was the PERFECT gift for my parents 50th anniversary!! The amazing thing about this gift is you can bring so many special memories to life all in one place! Remembering all the special moments in our life and celebrating our family in this unique way is so special. None of this would have been possible without Natasha. Natasha is so easy to work with, out of this world creative and outstandingly talented. No one else will have anything like it and will wish they did. Natasha is quick to respond, she is true to her word and very professional!” Diana, USA

*Client testimonials are taken from my Google business page and from my Etsy shop.