Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the turnaround on a family tree painting?

In most cases, the turnaround is anywhere from a week to several weeks. The turnaround depends on my workload as well as the size of your family tree with larger trees taking longer for me to complete. If you’re ordering in late spring to early fall and during the Christmas season please try to order at least a few weeks ahead of the date you need the family tree.  Please contact me before ordering to make sure I can complete the artwork in time.

What information do I need to provide to you after ordering a painting?

Please provide me with the following:

  •  High-resolution photos of everyone to be featured as portraits.  No screenshots, please. If you’re planning on including old family photos please scan them or take a photo of the photos that don’t distort the faces in the originals.
  • Make a list of everyone in your family that will be included in the painting. Group your family members according to different family branches. If you’re planning on adding your ancestors’ names to tree roots please specify which names have to go there.
  • A short description of everyone in your family to be featured as full portraits or half portraits as in their hobbies, occupations, etc.
  • Text for the banner (if you’re planning to have a banner in the painting)
  • Photos of your house from different angles (if you choose to add your family home to the illustration)

Please email all the above directly to me at

What if I have ancestors I would like to include in my family tree painting, but I don’t have their photos?

That’s not a problem. Your ancestors could still be included in your family tree as either names on leaves or tree roots, or in some other creative ways.

Do you offer larger size family trees than the ones advertised or custom sizes?

Yes. Please contact me for an estimate.

Would my family members look like themselves in the painting?

Absolutely. Every person depicted in your family tree as a portrait will look like the photos you provide.  So make sure to select photos that are a good representation of the way the person looks in real life.


What makes you different from your competitors?

While most similar art services create custom family tree paintings with the names of the family members and/or a little portrait of each person there is not much personality in most of these paintings.  Plus, oftentimes the likeness to the subjects is vague at best. I offer fully-customized family tree paintings.  The artwork includes portraits of everyone in your family that reflect BOTH his/her likeness as well as his/her personality.  Another significant difference between me and my competitors is that I offer a money back if you’re not happy with the final result.

What shipping option do you offer?

I usually ship by either USPS or UPS ground. If you need your order to arrive by a certain date please let me know and I’ll choose a shipping option that insures your family tree will arrive on time.

I live outside the United States, could I still order a family tree painting from you?

I have clients all over the world who order custom family tree art from me.  I have shipped my family tree paintings without a single problem as far as Australia and South Africa. The only minor setback is that in certain countries, a painting might get stuck in customs for a few days.  To avoid getting your family tree later than the date you need it by, please make sure to order in advance.

Are the shipping costs included in the price of the painting?

The prices are for the family tree paintings only. The shipping charges will be calculated once you enter your shipping address. If you’re in a country not listed as a place I ship to – please contact me, and we’ll figure out some alternative shipping method to get the painting to you.