Family Tree For You: Custom Family Tree Paintings

Tell your family story, Preserve your family history

Custom family tree painting created just for your family is an incredible way to tell your family story and preserve your family history for future generations of your descendants. For centuries, custom portraits and personalized family tree charts were commissioned exclusively by royalty and the wealthy. In the 21st century, ordinary people have a variety of tools such as photos, genealogy charts, etc. to help preserve their family’s legacy. However, if you want your family’s story to be told in a truly unique way you have to consider personalized family tree art.

Each artwork will be hand-painted just for you by an award-winning artist and illustrator Natasha Sazonova. Natasha will work closely with you to create an intricate work of art filled with personal details to reflect your family members’ personalities. Every painting Ms. Sazonova creates is as unique as the family it represents. Apart from being great future family heirlooms, family tree illustrations also make great gifts for special occasions (weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries).

Custom Family tree paintings

Message from the artist:

I started “Family Tree for You” in 2012.  Back then, as a new mother, I was looking for creative work I could do from home.  Over the years, my little side business evolved into a creative service with clients from all over the world. My clients include people from all walks of life ranging from American media personalities to a retired school teacher in Australia. While my style is now being widely imitated by other artists (also from all around the world), my years of experience as an illustrator and a portrait artist are what attract my wonderful clients to my work.

What sets my family trees apart from my imitators is the way I approach the painting process.  I do it as an illustrator, rather than an artist.  As an illustrator, I strive to create a custom illustration of your family, not just a family portrait.  To me, it becomes almost like a book cover of your life story.  I want the audience to look at your family tree and to want to ‘read’ more.

Creative gifts for people who think outside the box

My custom family tree art is a great gift for couples (as well as individuals) who love their family and don’t take life too seriously.  My clients are people who prefer personal gifts as opposed to personalized ones.

A truly personal gift is both a gift and an experience. Ideally, it’s a gift that makes its recipient feel really special. However, it’s even better if it also makes him/her feel emotional.  In the best way possible of course!  I’ve been told that my artwork evokes wonderfully sentimental feelings in people. Probably, because it reminds them of what is most important in life – their family!

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Celebrate YOUR family

My family tree art is a creative alternative to both personalized family tree gifts and traditional family portraits. Your family tree will be so much more than a template personalized with names.  Your loved ones won’t be portrayed as generic ‘cartoony-looking’ people.  Instead, their portraits will be hand-painted to look like realistic versions of themselves.

Many artists mostly concern themselves with copying a person’s likeness. I believe it’s not just our appearance, but also our personality that is unique. So my objective is to make your family’s personalities shine through their portraits.  When I paint I imagine the future generations of your descendants looking at your family tree as a piece of their family history. I also want them to feel a special connection to you.

My family tree paintings range from charming miniature trees depicting just the couple to large paintings representing a person’s (couple’s) genealogy going back generations. The miniature trees are perfect as charming artsy gifts suitable for a couple’s anniversary or a spouse’s birthday.  The larger ones make great anniversary gifts for parents or grandparents.

Please keep in mind that you could include any number of your family members in your family tree.  Your family members could be represented as portraits, names on leaves, or names on leaves and roots.  There is a variety of painting sizes to choose from with custom sizes available upon request. To better understand your options please visit the Options/Prices page.

I look forward to working with you!