Fun family tree painting fit for a king

In my line of work I just never know what to expect from my clients.  At this point there are very few things that I thought could surprise me…  Alas I did manage to get surprised not too long ago when my client requested her husband to be painted dressed as a king in their family tree painting.  No, I wasn’t painting a family tree for the British (or whichever) Royalty!  Although I imagine that could be a super fun project to work on…

But I digress…  It turned out that my client’s hubby appears in ads for his business dressed as a king.  How fun, right?  However, a king’s costume wasn’t the only one unusual outfit I painted for this artwork.  I also got to depict two little girls dressed as princesses (very fitting for the granddaughters of a king), and a little boy dressed in a PJ Masks costume.  For a cherry on top there was also a rooster (such a majestic bird to paint) in the artwork to represent my client’s Puerto Rican heritage.

There were a few other things that made this family tree painting different from my other ones.  More often than not I tend to paint the ‘main’ couple (the couple at the base of the tree) seated on a bench.  In this particular case a simple park bench just didn’t seem like an appropriate type of seating for royalty.  So I opted out for fancy purple chairs instead.  Purple also happens to be my favorite color.

Background that reflects a family’s background.

The painting’s background was also a fun challenge.  In my family tree paintings I like including details that pay homage to a family’s heritage.   For this family tree illustration I had to find a way to include both the husband’s Italian and the wife’s Puerto Rican heritage.  My solution was to paint a landscape typical to Puerto Rico’s coast line behind the wife, and a landscape recognizable as Italian countryside behind the husband.

Of course, I was tickled when my client told me that she loved my work…

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