Creative Gifts for People who love Golf!

Golf is a very popular hobby. Chances are you know someone who loves to play golf.  Perhaps it’s your husband, dad or even both of your parents. Is that certain golf-loving someone has a birthday or an anniversary coming up?  Do you think it’d be pretty neat to get him/her a gift related to their hobby?

While there are plenty of personalized gifts for golfers few gifts are as personal as a custom family tree that reflects a person’s hobbies and tells his/her life story.

Throughout my many years as a family tree artist I’ve been noticing that golfing is one of the most popular hobbies people request for inclusion in their family portraits. Interestingly enough it’s just as popular among my international clients as it is among my American customers.

I’ve had clients from Australia, South Africa, Canada and (perhaps not that surprisingly) Great Britain request a golf bag with clubs painted next to their husband, dad, grandfather, etc.  For example, the family tree painting below went to a Canadian couple with Italian roots, and my client (their daughter) specifically requested golf clubs to be painted by her father’s side. Golfing wasn’t her dad’s primary hobby, so I painted his golf bag in the background. You might not notice it right away, but it’s there!

Creative gift for dad who likes to golf

Golf bags in the foreground examples:

In the family tree illustration example below the husband played golf quite regularly. So I painted his golf bag more in the foreground. If a descendant of his looks at the painting 200 years from now he or she will know right away that their ancestor was a golfer.

Unique gift for dad who loves golf and mom who likes to play cards

The illustration below is another example of a family tree painting featuring a golf bag.  My clients (the couple’s children) asked me to paint a golf bag right next to their father.

Custom family tree illustration as an anniversary gift for parents

Other ways to depict golfing as a hobby:

There are ways other than including a golf bag to indicate that someone is an avid golfer. One of my clients, for example, asked for her dad to be painted holding a golf club. I, obviously, obliged. Having her father actually hold a golf club made the audience more aware of how important golf is to him.

Personalized family tree wall art for parents anniversary

Of course, one doesn’t necessarily need golf clubs to illustrate someone’s love of the sport. In some cases my clients ask me to paint golf carts instead. In the family tree illustration example below my customer asked me to paint his dad’s red golf cart in the background.

Personalized family tree art

While it seems that the majority of people who love golf are men, in reality it’s not the case.  There are plenty of women who love golf just as much as men do. That was the case for one couple I created a personalized family tree for.  Golfing became the main theme for the whole painting. The family tree was commissioned by the couple’s son and he informed me that both his parents love golfing. I proposed to him that we depict his parents inside a golf cart.  It worked out rather well as you can see in the painting below:

Unique gift for couple who love golf

If you have a golfer husband, wife or parents and would like to order a custom family tree for their birthday, anniversary, etc. please go to the Shop section or contact me directly if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you!