Meaningful 25th Wedding Anniversary for wife, husband, couple

25th wedding anniversary is a big deal! 25 years together need to be celebrated with a gift that reflects such an amazing milestone. If you’re looking for a meaningful Silver anniversary gift for wife or husband it better be something truly unique and personal. And what could be more personal than a gift that tells YOUR story and preserves YOUR family history forever? A custom family tree illustration, of course! I know I’m not exactly impartial, but I do have a lot of satisfied clients throughout the world with a lot of happy spouses!

So what makes a family tree painting such a perfect gift for a Silver Anniversary?  The answer is simple: the fact that it sums up your life and your accomplishments together in one amazing gift. For those of us who are parents our most cherished accomplishments are our children. Custom family tree painting is a great way to showcase your whole family in several styles. Depending on your budget you can choose either to have the names of your children written on tree leaves or have portraits of them.

Each family tree illustration comes with 2 (full body) portraits included in the base price.  Additional portraits (your children or your extended family) come in several styles.

Family Tree with people seated on branches

This option features you and your wife or husband seated at the base of your family tree with your children seated on tree branches above.  Of course, you can include additional family members to the painting. Your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews are all welcome to be added to your family portrait!

Family tree example below features just the immediate family: the husband and the wife, their children, and family pets. Plus the mascot of the husband’s favorite baseball team!  In case, you’re wondering what that animal is – it’s a bearcat. 🙂  In this example, for a more personalized touch my client chose to also include his house and a banner with the family name and the date the couple got married. Please note that while the wedding date is there, there is no mention of the 25th anniversary in the painting. It’s for a very specific reason. Custom family tree painting is not a greeting card. It’s a future family heirloom. If you add ‘Happy 25th Anniversary’ or ‘Happy Silver Anniversary’ to the painting it dates it. Meanwhile if you just add a wedding date it turns your family tree illustration into a real genealogical tree and a work of art!

25th wedding anniversary gift idea for wife

Personalized family tree painting with portraits of the immediate family

Large family tree with family portraits and pets

The family tree illustration example below is much larger. In this particular case my clients chose to include the whole family: all the siblings with their spouses and kids. Wildlife that makes appearances in the couple’s yard got added to the painting as well to make it more personal.  I even painted the husband and wife in the chairs they like to sit in on their porch.

Family tree painting with portraits of the family with their pets

Family tree illustration with pets past and present

When it comes to personalized gifts personal details are the key to making them special!

My family tree art is truly personalized. Every little detail holds a special significance to either the husband, the wife or both. Every component in the painting is there for a reason. It reflects a family member’s hobbies, profession or is somehow tied to the couple’s life together. Even the type of tree used in the illustration is often chosen for a purpose. Such as in the apple tree in the example below. I also added the tiger lilies to that painting because they were the wife’s favorite flowers. The mascot for the husband’s favorite sports team is in the illustration as well. See if you can spot it!

Custom family tree illustration

Family tree with portraits of the couple and their children.

Custom portraits for every budget

It’s important for me to make my family tree paintings affordable for anyone who wishes to commision one. I always try to be mindful of my potential clients’ budgets. That’s why I came up with several styles for additional family portraits. ‘Additional’ meaning portraits of children, siblings, parents, etc.  As I’ve mentioned above, the couple’s portrait is already included in the base price of each painting.

I came up with 2 style portraits for additional portraits.  The first one features a person up to their waist and includes a prop. Prop is an object that represents that family member’s hobby, occupation, etc. The second style I named ‘head portrait’. It’s pretty self-explanatory. 😉

“Half portrait” family tree example with props

I, personally, believe that ‘props’ is what makes my family tree art such fun and personal gifts. I purposely refer to my family tree art as ‘illustrations’ because my artwork is created to illustrate your life. Whoever looks at your family tree will get a glimpse at who you are by the objects surrounding you. A flower in a woman’s hand doesn’t just symbolize her love for flowers. It also tells the viewer that she is the type of person who appreciates beauty. You get the drift!

I recently painted an anniversary family tree gift that featured a lot of orchids.  Orchids were the wife’s favorite flowers and she also grew them. Other family members in the painting also got their ‘props’ to represent their personalities.  When the couple’s descendants will look at their ancestral family tree decades from now they will know what their family was into.  Which is pretty awesome in my humble opinion!

Creative anniversary gift for parents

Family tree painting with full body portraits of the couple and ‘half-portraits’ of their children

Family tree illustration with “head portraits”

Below is an example of a family tree painting with the full body portraits of the husband and wife with the rest of the family depicted as ‘head portraits’. FYI: the ‘head portraits’ have frames that look like portholes because the couple was going to celebrate their wedding anniversary on an Alaskan cruise.  Unfortunately, 2020 happened… So sadly they probably had to postpone their anniversary celebration.

personalized genealogical tree painting

Family tree with full body portraits of the couple and head portraits of the rest of the family

Custom couple portrait with their family tree in the background

Another option I offer my clients could be best described as a custom couple portrait + their family tree. The paintings feature full body portraits of the couple with the rest of their family represented as leaves on their family tree. Alternatively, the names of the couple’s ancestors could be written on tree roots, with the names of the rest of the family on the leaves. See the ‘apple tree’ example above.

“Just the couple” family tree illustration is a great, and yet very affordable 25th wedding anniversary gift for any couple.  This family tree option is very popular with my clients who looking for a creative silver anniversary gift ideas for friends.  I’ve also painted quite a few of these as unique presents for aunt and uncle’s silver wedding anniversaries.

I offer this family tree style paintings in two options: with or without the couple’s wedding photo.

For a family tree illustration with a wedding photo see example below:

Family tree painting for parents' 50th anniversary

And this is an example of the paintings without the wedding photo:

80th birthday gift for men. Custom family tree gift for dad.

To find out about all the painting options please refer to the “Options/Prices” page. If you’re ready to order your 25th anniversary family tree illustration please visit the Shop.

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