Family Tree Size comparison

Custom Family Tree paintings I create come in a variety of sizes to satisfy your needs and your budget. You can order a mini family tree (8″X10″) or you can go all out and get it in a 22″X28″ size. While I do my absolute best with every painting I create there are limits to what I can do.  The amount of details I could include depends on the artwork’s size. I want my clients to be aware that I can’t fit the same amount of detail into smaller pieces as I’m able into larger illustrations.

Below you will find a number of family tree examples in different formats that illustrate the amount of detail possible for each family tree size.

Mini (8″X10″) family tree painting

Mini family tree illustration makes an adorable sentimental gift for a birthday or a wedding anniversary. One or two full body portraits could be included with this option.  You can include a wedding day portrait of the couple as well. Family pets are also welcome! The rest of your family members will be represented as names on leaves. If you so choose you can also add everyone’s birth dates under their names. Please note: Due to the size of the painting the tree in the background cannot contain an infinite number of leaves. This family tree option is perfect for smaller families with about 10 to 15 family members.

Mini Family Tree with a couple portrait

Mini family tree painting created as a gift for grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary


Mini family tree with portraits

Mini family tree created for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary


80th birthday gift for men. Custom family tree gift for dad.

Family tree gift for dad’s 80th birthday.

11″X14″ Family tree painting

Family tree painting created in an 11″X14″ size allows for greater detail. More objects that represent your family members’ hobbies and interests could be included with this option. You can also include additional full, half or head shot portraits, family home and/or family pets.  The names of the couple’s parents and grandparents could be added to the tree roots.

Family tree birthday gift

Customized Family tree art created as a meaningful gift for a man’s 40th birthday.


Christmas gift for whole family

Christmas gift for a family of 4 with family pets included in the illustration


Family tree with Korean roots

40th wedding anniversary family tree gift with head shot portraits of children and grandchildren

16″X20″ Customized Family Tree Art

A 16″X20″ family tree painting is an ideal size for a highly detailed custom family illustration. The family tree itself is bigger and could include a larger number of family members either depicted as portraits or represented as names on leaves. You can also include more objects to symbolize your family’s hobbies and/or occupations. With this option the painting’s background is more detailed in comparison to smaller family tree paintings.  You can choose all sorts of landscapes for the background. That includes complex architectural structures. You can even go for two different landscapes for each side of the background.

family tree gift ideas

Hand-painted family tree gift for parents’ wedding anniversary


Family tree gift for an Italian-Canadian couple.

Personalized family tree illustration for parents’ wedding anniversary.


90th birthday gift for grandfather

Family tree gift for grandfather’s 90th birthday

18″X24″ Custom Family Tree illustration

18″X24″ family tree painting option is perfect for large families or for clients looking for a highly detailed family illustration.  Due to the painting’s larger size with this option I can add as many personal details as you would like. Also, this family tree option is ideal to fit more ‘full’ or ‘half’ body portraits than smaller family tree paintings.  The portraits themselves are larger and your family members’ outfits are more detailed. If you’re looking to include logos or text on clothing and a lot of small objects to represent your family’s hobbies and interests this option is for you!

80th birthday gift for dad

Personalized family tree art created as an 80th birthday gift for dad

Family portrait with pets

Custom family tree painting with full body portraits of everyone in the family

Gift for man who has everything: his own family tree

22″X28″ Personalized Family Tree Art

For clients who would like to get their family tree illustrations in a grander size I offer large (22″X28″) paintings. Your family doesn’t need to be big for you to go with this option.  I just make the portraits bigger to fit perfectly on the sheet.   An almost infinite amount of all kinds of details could be included in a painting this size.

Family tree custom illustration

Family Tree with framed portraits of the couple’s children and grandchildren, and the names of their parents written on tree roots.

To order your own customized family tree painting please go to the Shop section or contact me directly for a price quote.