10 Personalized Family Tree Art Gift ideas

Personalized Family Tree Art is becoming increasingly popular due to a very simple fact: there are very few things people care about more than their families!  It’s in our genes.  We’re programmed to care about our loved ones.  Since the dawn of civilization family is where people have found love, protection and support they needed for survival.  We might not need our family’s protection as much nowadays (unless you’re a part of the Cosa Nostra), but the rest of the family-related perks are still very much relevant.

Creative way to be with your family forever

Another reason why personalized Family Tree paintings are so popular nowadays is because humans have something else in common: our desire to matter, and to leave something behind. Personalized family tree art is a gift that accommodates that desire.  Being a part of a family tree is a way to ensure you are ‘immortalized’ as a part of your family history. While a lot of young people believe that posting selfies online is a way to immortalize oneself, in reality the only people who will remember you are your family and your descendants. And chances are the latter won’t have your selfies plastered all over their walls. They will, however, proudly display your hand-painted family tree because your family history is a part of theirs.

Personalized Family tree art

Personalized family tree art with portraits of the family and family pets (artist: Natasha Sazonova)

That being said it’s no wonder that people order personalized family tree art as meaningful gifts for their loved ones. A gift with meaning like a custom family tree painting is appealing to both men and women and many people get them as gifts for their spouses for a variety of special occasions.  I, personally, paint a lot of family trees for anniversaries and birthdays. Oftentimes, I create them as a gift from kids for a parents’ anniversary.

I, for one, am really happy that consumers are turning to family trees because I know how important it is for human psyche to have a sense of belonging. My family tree illustration business is growing and I also see more and more amazingly creative (and inspiring) family tree gifts online. I’d like to share with you some of my latest (cool) finds.

1. As long as your family tree is personalized who needs leaves?

This adorable ‘leopard’ family tree painting (by PollyPetit) is pretty much everything you’d expect from a traditional family tree.  There are names, dates of birth, places of birth.  Everything is there, but something is very different! Your whole family is painted as leopards!  Very cute leopards I might add!

Cute family tree illustration with names, birthdays, and family name

Unusual Family Tree painting: your whole family is turned into adorable leopards

2. Book Illustration of the yesteryear

The following family tree painting on canvas (by AKMDesigns4U) caught my eye because of it’s elegant simplicity.  It reminded me of the children book illustrations of the first half of the twentieth century.  The painting looks like a book cover and looking at it makes me want to read this family’s ‘story book’.

Watercolor family tree with names

Perfect gift for a grandmother on Mother’s Day

3. Grandma Moses should’ve been a family tree illustrator!

I loved the following family tree gift because I absolutely love ‘primitive art’!  I’ve put primitive art in quotation marks because some people think of a term ‘primitive’ as offensive.  Au contraire, primitive art can be just as sophisticated as realistic art.  ‘Primitive’ refers to the style: uncomplicated, straightforward, magnificent!  Grandma Moses’ illustrations were considered primitive folk art, and yet no one can deny their magnificence. The family portrait by JonnaIsaac reminds me of her art, and I absolutely love it!

Personalized cute family tree with portraits

Cute family portrait illustration in the style of a family tree chart

4. Art Deco Family Tree perfect for Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary

The simplicity of elegant design paired with a beautiful ornate font all printed in gold is perfect as a family tree gift for a couple who appreciates decorative arts.  This gorgeous family tree reminiscent of Art Deco style murals (by also comes in different colors set against a variety of backgrounds.

Family Tree anniversary gift

Art Deco style Family Tree perfect as a Golden anniversary gift

5. Cute Family Tree or rather Family Boots

I like how many creative ideas there are on Etsy when it comes to representing family members in a custom family illustration.  One of my favorite is the idea of using colorful boots instead of portraits.  Sometimes they’re displayed in a row with everyone’s names under them, but I prefer the ones that have boots in a family tree shape.  A good example is artwork by

Personalized family tree illustration

Family tree with boots instead of portraits

6. Botanical Family Tree Art

Another unique version of personalized family tree art that struck my fancy is by .  I like when artists put a creative spin on old ideas like a genealogical tree. It makes sense that a tree was originally chosen to symbolize a family, but on the other hand any other plant makes just as much sense! Roots, stems, flowers and all. Of course, in the case of this family tree the family is represented by turtles, butterflies and even dragonflies. I just love how this family tree illustration looks like a page from a Victorian botanical book. So creative!

Creative family tree illustration

Botanical family tree illustration with plants, insects and turtles

7. Cute Customized Family Tree Print

“Cute” was the first word that came to my mind when I saw a customized family tree print by . I’d take cute over anything else when it comes to art. I like things that make me smile and this personalized illustration print certainly did. It’s just so adorable and whimsical!  I envision it as a perfect gift for a grandchild’s birthday or christening.

Whimsical family tree custom print

Whimsical family tree customized print

8. Scrabble family tree

Scrabble is most likely not the first thing anyone thinks about when it comes to ancestral trees.  Nonetheless,

scrabble family tree

Scrabble family tree

9. Cartoon Family Tree

I believe that the best family tree art for your family is the one that visually fits in with your family. For example, if you’re not the most serious people a genealogical tree with realistic portraits and coats of arms is probably not your thing. A family tree with cartoon renderings of your clan would be a much better fit. Such as the one by .

cartoon family tree

Cartoon family tree

10. Family tree with portraits of your family

I have to mention my own family tree art in this list.  My personalized family tree paintings are quite different from anything else on the market. They are more like illustrations to your life story. Each one is fully customized for your family to reflect your family members’ hobbies, professions, etc. If you like Etsy you can find my art at: CustomFamilyTreeArt

Family tree art with portraits

Personalized family tree art with portraits

If you have any questions regarding my family tree paintings please send me an email directly at: artnsus@gmail.com