Best wedding gift for second marriage: blended family tree illustration

Unique custom wedding gift that’s truly personal

It’s no secret that a lot of marriages end in divorce, and oftentimes people find true happiness in their second marriage.  It’s lovely to see two people who had never given up on love to finally find a perfect partner in each other. This wonderful event deserves to be commemorated in a very special fashion.

If the happy couple are people dear to your heart you’re probably searching for a unique gift for their wedding.  Of course, there are millions of personalized gifts for you to choose from.  But what if you would like to present them with a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will hold a special meaning for them? May I suggest a custom blended family portrait featuring the couple’s newly formed family tree?

What could be more personal and meaningful than a gift that is all about a couple’s story?  Or rather a new exciting chapter in their life. In my family tree art I feature the couple seated on a bench or in chairs in the foreground with their family tree in the background. The couple’s children usually get painted sitting on the branches of the tree.  However, that’s not the only option for depicting the couple’s family.  I always do my best to accommodate all kinds of budgets.  I also offer  ‘head portraits’ or ‘half-portraits’ in frames (see examples below) as a creative solution for including the rest of the family in their family tree painting.

Custom illustration of a couple's family tree

Unique wedding gift for blended family featuring full body portraits of the couple with their kids depicted as ‘half-portraits’ in frames


Hand-painted family tree art

Personalized family tree illustration featuring full body portraits of the couple with the rest of the family depicted as head portraits in frames

Personalized family tree painting

Custom family tree with full body portraits of everyone in the family

Turning hobbies, occupations, and family stories into art

The key to making a family tree illustration into a meaningful gift is adding as many personal details as possible.  When ordering a painting please try to think what defines each family member individually, as well as the family as a whole.  If the whole family is heavily into sports we can turn that into the theme of the painting.  Not that a painting necessarily needs a theme.

If the first time everyone was introduced to each other was in a park we could use that park as the background for the painting.  Alternatively, if a couple bought a house where their new family will reside I could paint their new home to the background.  If the couple is going to honeymoon in Paris I could add an Eiffel tower to their family tree illustration to forever remind them of their honeymoon.

Also, please keep in mind that you could use an individual’s occupation (as long as it’s something that plays a huge role in their life) in the artwork.

Let’s make kids feel special

While being able to find love again is a wonderful thing, bringing two families together could be a worrisome matter.  Would the kids like each other?  Will they get along?  I believe that making each child feel special makes the transition into one big happy family unit smoother.  For me the same rule applies to my family tree art.  I make sure to find out as much information as I can about each child in the newly blended family. Then, I paint them in a way that’ll make him or her feel special and appreciated for his/her unique qualities.

Family Pets HAVE to be included in a custom family portrait

As someone who’s always had a pet (10 at one point) I see family pets as full family members.  A family portrait would not be complete without them. That’s why I always ask my clients if they’d like to include their fur babies in the painting. I also make sure to ask for the actual photos of the family pets.  Not just the breed.  When one paints as many animals as I do one starts to see how different the faces of 2 same color Labrador retrievers could be.  So if you’re ordering a family tree for a couple try to find the actual photos of their pets whenever possible.

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