Unforgettable 70th birthday gift idea for mom

I recently got a custom family tree order from a lady looking for a unique gift for her mom’s 70th birthday.  In my usual fashion I started the project by finding out as much as I could about my client’s mother and the rest of her family.  Since both her mom and her dad are huge Greenbay Packers fans I’ve decided to use their love for the team as the main ‘theme’ for their family tree painting.  

I depicted both of my client’s parents in the Greenbay Packers t shirts. However, that didn’t feel enough so I tried to think of more neat little details I could add to the illustration.  That’s how I ended up putting a cheesehead hat on a squirrel peaking out of the tree hole, and even on mice I painted inside a burrow next to the tree roots.

Personalized family tree gift for parents anniversary. The couple’s love for Greenbay Packers serves as a theme for the painting

Family tree art as a fun family heirloom

I don’t take life too seriously, and my family tree art reflects my attitude towards life.  My family tree paintings are not meant to be ‘high art’, but rather fun unusual family heirlooms.

When I paint each family tree I create art that is meant to be a humorous, light-hearted (and on some level educational) glimpse into a family’s history.  When I painted this particular family tree I tried to make it as fun and playful as I could.  I made sure to add as many personal, and humorous details as possible.

Since my client’s dad is a fisherman I painted him with a fishing rod.  The fun twist on the fisherman idea was to have the mom hold the fishing line with a heart bearing the couple’s initials on it. The rest of the family was depicted according to their hobbies, i.e. gaming, snakes, eating sushi, etc. For the painting’s background I used a lake the couple likes to vacation at.

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