Meaningful 60th anniversary gift for grandparents from their whole family

I personally have never had to figure out what to give someone for their 50th, let alone 60th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, my own grandparents didn’t live long enough to celebrate theirs.  As of now, my parents and their friends aren’t old enough to have been married for that long.  That being said, I would imagine that choosing a gift to suit the occasion is probably quite a challenge.

After all, an appropriate type of a 60th anniversary gift has to be meaningful, if not monumental!  Anyone would agree that 60 years together is an amazing accomplishment that deserves to be acknowledged with a gift worthy of such a special occasion.

Nowadays, a person has an access to a myriad of unique personalized gifts for every type of a special occasion.  So I feel truly honored when someone chooses my family tree art as a unique gift for their parents or grandparents instead of any other things they could’ve chosen.

Not too long ago I had an honor of creating a memorable gift for a German couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Their granddaughter commissioned a family tree painting from me to commemorate the occasion.  While I do get a lot of commissions for the 50th wedding anniversary family tree gifts,  I don’t get that many for the 60th.  Naturally, when this happens I feel the added weight of responsibility to create a one-of-a-kind gift that is truly special.

It’s all in the details

Before I start painting I always find out as many details about the family as possible.  So I asked my client to tell me about her grandparents and the rest of her family.  The members of her family had diverse interests and a few had very interesting professions, a writer and a sailor among them.  Pretty cool, right?

The ideas for the painting came out pouring.  My client happened to like all of them.  The fact I was very grateful for.  In all honesty, I am truly blessed with my clients.  The people I work with are simply wonderful.  I believe I’m this lucky to have such awesome clients because it takes a certain open-minded type of a person to order a work of art.

“Tying” a family tree painting together

When I create a family tree painting I use a ‘theme’ or some other visual elements to ‘tie’ an artwork together. Oftentimes, I choose to limit my color palette to make the painting look unified.  For this particular family tree illustration I did chose to repeat the same colors throughout the artwork. However, I also decided to do something new.  I used circular shapes throughout the painting as playful repetitive elements, (not necessarily even noticeable at first).  I added a number of them.  I painted the helm (the wheel that steers a boat), 2 soccer balls, a little beach ball, the Olympic rings, and a bunch of small colorful joggling balls.  The circles ended up being a nice creative touch.

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