Creative gifts for couples who love to travel

The best gift for parents anniversary is a gift that’s truly personal!

My family trees are different from the majority of other personalized family trees on the market.  While there is a great variety of all possible styles of family trees, mine offer something extra.  Not only do they record the names of everyone in your family, but they also showcase their personalities. Each family tree painting I create is custom-tailored for the family. It features your family members’ hobbies, occupations, and other things your relatives are passionate about.  One hobby (or perhaps ‘passion’ is a better word to describe it) that a lot of couples I’ve painted family trees for have in common is travel.

To illustrate someone’s hobby I use different objects that symbolize that hobby.  You’re not going to believe how many suitcases, travel brochures and airplane tickets I’ve painted throughout the years! Adding these symbolic details to my artwork is the reason why my family trees have a truly personal feel to them. And since they’re usually painted as gifts I never have a shortage of happy customers.  After all a personal gift created just for you is so much more meaningful than one that’s simply personalized with your name.

A gift for parents who are passionate about travel

As I’ve mentioned the love for traveling is quite prevalent among the couples I create my family trees for.  It makes perfect sense since a lot of my artwork is commissioned as gifts for parents 40th, 50th and even 60th wedding anniversaries.  While traveling is an absolutely wonderful hobby, a lot of the population gets to fully experience it after retirement. The kids are out of the house, they have more disposable income and more free time… Let the traveling begin!

Hand-painted unique family portrait painting

Custom family portrait illustration for parents who love traveling

Every detail matters when it comes to personalized family tree art!

Before I start painting I find out all the information I can about the couple the family tree is for. “They love to travel!” is one of the most popular responses I get when asking about the couple’s hobbies. That’s when I roll up my sleeves and get ready to paint suitcases.  At this point I could probably do them with my eyes closed.  For the record: I don’t actually keep my eyes closed.  However, I don’t want to repeat painting the same style luggage over and over.  That would be unfair to my clients and frankly not much fun for me.  So I improvise.  Some of my family tree illustrations feature antique style suitcases covered with stickers representing the countries the couple visited. Others have modern luggage with extended handles and wheels.

Creative family tree gift for couples 50th wedding anniversary

Custom couples portrait featuring suitcases to symbolize the couple’s love for travel

Humorous family portrait art featuring a family tree

Creative wedding anniversary gift for parents who love travel.

Other ways to represent the couple’s love of travel

While a suitcase is a great symbol for travel, I try to mix things up and include other symbols, such as road signs and even globes.  In some of my artwork I use a mixture of symbols.  Especially when it comes to larger family trees where I have more space to add more details.

Personalized family tree painting with family portraits

Watercolor couple portrait with a suitcase covered in stickers of the countries they’ve visited and a globe symbolize their love of traveling

Watercolour custom couple portrait

Family tree anniversary gift for aunt and uncle who are passionate about traveling

A few years back I painted a family tree with a road sign in the background that had the names of the couple’s favorite places to travel to.  I’ve been getting requests for the custom road signs in my custom family tree paintings ever since.  It’s a really cute and personal feature that adds a nice touch of sentimentality to the artwork.

Custom family portrait illustration personalized with fun details about the family members

50th anniversary gift for a couple who like to travel

If you would like to order a custom family tree art as a gift for your parents anniversary please contact the artist or go to the Shop section of this website.