Family Tree: Anniversary gift idea like no other

Best gift for parents anniversary

I’d like to think that I get pretty in-tuned with my clients. After all, I haven’t had any complaints about my family trees as of yet. After the initial communication with a client I usually get a feel of what they’re looking for.  While, by no means, my custom illustrations could be considered ‘high art’ some of them, nonetheless, are come out looking more formal than the others.  After years or painting family trees (since 2012! yahoo!) I can tell when a person is expecting a more traditional family portrait just in the style of a family tree or when they’re looking for something more fun. I love the ‘fun’ ones. I’m hardly a serious person who has a tendency to see everything around her as either humorous, cute, whimsical or just in a positive light.  So many people take life too seriously.  I wish I could bring all of them to the other side.  The light-hearted side.  I want everybody to be happy.  I want everyone to smile, and I do what I can to brighten up the lives of everyone around me.  My clients included.  When I paint my family trees I get into a happy mood.  It’s a bit of a misstatement because it sounds like I make myself get into that mood.  The truth is that I’m always happy when I paint.  I say a little prayer for my painting to come out just right for the family I’m creating it for and I set out on my ‘art journey’.  While working I often imagine how the people I’m painting will react looking at their own portraits, and I do imagine them smiling.

Happy couple = Happy family tree

In a very Bob Ross like fashion I try to paint happy family trees. To be perfectly honest, sometimes it’s much easier when the photos my clients send to me have everyone in the family smiling.  You just feel this wonderful positive energy coming from photos that translates well into art.  A while back I painted a custom family tree for a couple who just looked so happy that their whole tree became infused with that energy.  The painting came out like a fun book illustration.  It was cute, whimsical, humorous and light-hearted. I filled it with personal details about the couple and the rest of the family, added a few pets and quite a few flowers. It looked like a perfect illustration for both long-lasting love and the American dream.

A happy retired couple seated on a bench in a beautiful wildflower field.  She is reading. He has his golf clubs next to him…  They’re still together and still happy after 50 years. It’s just perfect…

The other Family Stone

While I was completely enamored with my creation there was one fun detail in the painting I absolutely loved that hasn’t come from my imagination.  My client had suggested it to me.  The last name of her parents is Stone.  So instead of painting a banner with the last name and family established date my client suggested for me to paint it on a rock.  Rock… Stone…  Pretty cool, right?   I love things like that.  Clever little details that it takes you a second to get.  They are the spice of life.  They are the reason why life is never boring.  Look for all the little things.  In paintings or in life…  And you will never be bored!

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