Portrait painting: a Christmas gift as unique as she is!

Christmas season is rapidly approaching.  It’s a great time to show someone special to you just how much you love and appreciate him or her.  Getting a gift for someone that is as unique as they are is a wonderful way to express your feelings.  A great gift should tell the person it’s intended for that you put a lot of thought into getting them something special, that you put time and effort to get them something personal as opposed to store bought.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to find something original for a person who has everything or just has very little interest in mass produced gifts.  For times like this you can always find an artist (like yours truly) or a craftsman to create for you a one-of-a-kind item the special woman or a man in your life will absolutely love, use or proudly display at their home for years to come.

Last Christmas I got a request from a lady looking for a little watercolor portrait to be painted of her dear friend.  Her friend was an elegant artsy woman with an appreciation for unique things.  My client didn’t want a traditional realistic portrait, but rather something adorable and different. She remembered her friend mentioning how much she liked my illustrations and wanted me to paint her friend in a similar style.

I’ve found out from my client all I could about her friend. She was a classy lady with a great taste.  She always dressed nice and liked red wine.  I knew exactly what I needed to paint!  I painted her friend in an elegant dressy outfit sitting on a beautiful chair outdoors holding a glass of wine.  After the painting was compete I asked my client to let me know how her friend liked her Christmas gift, and was pleased to know that she absolutely loved the portrait.

Watercolor portrait painting from photo on commission

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